Helping Aging Parents

Helping Aging Parents: When They’ve Lost Interest in Appearance and Healthy Routines – Pt. 2

Mother had physical therapy with an excellent, encouraging therapist after her stroke and made good progress. I think she made the effort more for him than for herself. Why? Because her follow-though at home was minimal to nonexistent after the therapy ended (as I saw it). Of course in her younger days, fitness wasn’t as valued as it is now.

Helping Aging Parents: When They've Lost Interest in Appearance and Healthy Routines – Pt. 1

Oregon. The emphasis on healthy lifestyles is evident from the many joggers and bicyclists (major downtown streets devote space for bicycles only.) I’m in a residential area, looking out my second floor window.  An elderly woman, attractively dressed in a V-neck shirt and kakis, just walked by.

Helping Aging Parents: Letting Them Know When to Stop Driving… and Preserve the Peace!

You’ve grown concerned about your mother’s driving. She is now one of the 30 million senior drivers (according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), and you’ve become more watchful. First, there are these serious dents in her car that she can’t explain. When riding along, you’ve had to remind her that stop signs were coming up. While driving she has seemed unusually distracted.