Consumer Directed Medicaid Home Care Program

“Your Caregiver - Your Way”

If you're authorized for Medicaid home care services, here is your chance to bring in someone you know and trust to help yourself or a family member with personal and/or skilled home care.  

Consider how reassuring it is to choose your own caregiver and have the freedom to handle hiring, firing, training and managing – all without interference from an outside source. 

Perhaps you already have an adult child, sibling, neighbor or friend providing personal and/or skilled care for yourself or a loved one.  Now they can get paid for their services at the standard Medicaid hourly rate. 

No certification is necessary.

How CDPAP Works

First, a recipient must file an application for Medicaid home care services with their own county Department of Social Services.  Once approved, the recipient must choose a MLTC (Managed Long Term Care Plan). The recipient will either be assigned or can choose the LHCSA FI(Fiscal Intermediary) that contracts with the MLTC and is responsible for billing and paying  the caregiver(s).  The designated caregiver(s) will submit an employment application with the LHCSA.

It’s a win-win.  With total independence, the care will be done your way.  You make the decisions for peace of mind.

Why Choose Care Connection as Your LHCSA

Acting  as the fiscal intermediary and payroll company for the CDPAP program, we are also a licensed home care agency.  Since 1998, we offer the highest quality, reliable and prompt services, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  We cover Nassau, Suffolk and Queens counties.

Whether you want to self-direct the caregiving under the CDPAP program or prefer traditional home care services, Care Connection is ready to serve you.

Care Connection Home Care has a knack for matching the right caregiver to the client. Their flexibility is unsurpassed in terms of providing and changing the number of hours, if necessary.
— Jennifer Toscano, Social Worker

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